Shepperton Open Water Swim is currently closed due to the Government guidelines for Covid 19. We are unable to open until we can ensure our swimmers and staff are safe. With the current restrictions in place we would be putting staff in danger - for example, if a rescue was required. There are other difficulties that we will have to overcome before we can open - we are working hard on them at the moment and implementing new procedures.

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Last updated about 1 month ago

COVID 19 UPDATED INFORMATION as of 19th May 2020


Lake Opening Times

Please note that these times will change as the days get longer / shorter.

MONMondayCLOSED - no swimmingCLOSED - no swimming
TUETuesdayCLOSED - no swimmingCLOSED - no swimming
WEDWednesdayCLOSED - no swimmingCLOSED - no swimming
THUThursdayCLOSED - no swimmingCLOSED - no swimming
FRIFridayCLOSED - no swimmingCLOSED - no swimming
SATSaturdayCLOSED - no swimmingCLOSED - no swimming
SUNSundayCLOSED - no swimmingCLOSED - no swimming

Latest Images

Recent photos of our open water swimming lake and events. Click here for more photos.

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